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Experience Nature’s Enchantment with Bernd Heinrich at GWH

Reading Time: 2 minutes On June 12, Good Will-Hinckley will come alive with stories and insights from one of nature’s keenest observers: Professor Bernd Heinrich! Professor Heinrich, an illustrious research scientist, author, and illustrator, as well as a proud alumnus of Good Will-Hinckley, is returning to campus to share his lifelong passion for the natural world. As a University… Read more »

Food, Fun, Family, and Adventure, Oh My: Hundreds Celebrate at Good Will-Hinckley’s 2023 Fall Festival

Reading Time: 4 minutes We couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of this year’s annual Fall Festival at Good Will-Hinckley! With over 800 people in attendance, the festival was a testament to the strong sense of community that surrounds our organization. The festival was packed with various activities for all ages and interests. Various businesses and community groups,… Read more »

First Change Drive to Change Lives Fundraiser a Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was a beautiful and sunny late summer day on Saturday, Sept. 10 as Good Will-Hinckley welcomed staff, students, alumni and members of the community to celebrate the end of the Change Drive to Change Lives program. Kids played lawn games and enjoyed horse-drawn wagon rides—and there were plenty of adults getting in on the… Read more »

The Mystery of GWH… Explained!

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the subject of Good Will-Hinckley is brought up in Central Maine, people have been known to say things like, I have driven by it… such a beautiful campus; or Isn’t that where the bad kids go? And on rare occasions, you might hear, Can I donate my unwanted items there? I could go on… Read more »

Introducing a Refined Transitions Program

Transitions Program Workforce Training Good Will Hinckley

Reading Time: 3 minutes For more than 125 years, Good Will-Hinckley has worked to provide a home and helping hand to boys and girls in Maine—many of whom face significant behavioral challenges. Part of that effort has included helping our residents and students prepare for post-secondary education as part of our College Step-Up program. Now, we’ve added a new… Read more »

Accreditation Means Everything

council on accreditation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just mention of the word ‘accreditation’ stirs emotions for the people involved in its undertaking in any organization. Some of the emotions, like frustration, exhaustion, elation and relief, are expected, and others, like anxiety and fear, are not. During the 14-month process, anything can happen—and it often does. In this instance, however, we’re proud to… Read more »

Spring: Rebirth and Rejuvenation

spring at good will hinckley

Reading Time: 4 minutes The month starts with the letter A, which means that in the northern hemisphere, people are enjoying spring. It’s a new beginning after we’ve been stuck inside for the winter. The air seems fresher and cleaner. Baseball season is underway, the weather is warming, and thanks to the unprecedented vaccine roll-out, things seem to be… Read more »

2021 Annual Fall Gala


Reading Time: < 1 minute 2021 marked the Good Will-Hinckley 4th Annual Fall Gala! To learn more about this past event, visit the Gala page here.

Spring Means Camping Season is Coming Soon

Camping Season is COming soon: Good Will-Hinckley

Reading Time: 3 minutes Maine is all about the outdoors. And that means Maine is all about camping. During COVID-19, we’re especially about camping. It’s one of the safer activities for families right now. There’s plenty of fresh air, and we can travel in campers or pickups more safely than we can fly to Florida or go to Walt… Read more »

Join the (Coffee) Club

coffee club

Reading Time: 4 minutes The new Good Will-Hinckley Coffee Club was created as a way for people to take the money they’d normally spend on java and donate it to worthwhile GWH programs and initiatives. Over time, that’s a lot of dough! The daily $2.75 you’d normally spend on a cup of coffee can be automatically debited from your… Read more »