The GWH Coffee Club

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How much do you spend on coffee every day?

What if that money could go to help fund GWH students, programs and initiatives?

​For just $2.75/day, Good Will-Hinckley can pay one student’s lunch, three students’ recreational opportunities or for a student’s clothing, shoes and personal items for a year.

The Good Will-Hinckley Coffee Club is a new all-inclusive club that asks members to take the money they’d normally spend on java and donate it to fund worthwhile GWH programs and initiatives.

The daily $2.75 (or more!) you’d normally spend on a cup of coffee can be automatically debited from your account: $19.25 per week; $38.50 every two weeks or $83.65 per month. You can also donate $1,000 for a one-year Coffee Club membership.

“We wanted to find a way to allow anyone to lend a helping hand. For the price of a cup of coffee each day, you can have a major impact in a child’s life and the family that surrounds that child’s life! Great opportunities to help others seldom come about, but small ones surround us every day, just like having a daily cup of coffee.”

Rob Moody – Former GWH President & Executive Director
Ryan Lane – GWH Board Member, Class of ’97

Where do your donations go?​

Financial contributions to Good Will-Hinckley (GWH) are used to fund several programs, including Roundel Residential.

In March 2019, a teenage boy who we’ll call Jon, joined the RR program after trying another local residential treatment program. The connection between the boy, that program and his mother were non-existent, and the boy didn’t get the help he needed. That’s when GWH and the RR Program got involved. 

In addition to trauma caused by extreme family discord, Jon entered the program with a high level of social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Jon’s mother agreed to participate in family therapy and be a part of her son’s treatment. Over time, home visits became more frequent, and a plan was made to work with his mother and his siblings to ensure there would be a successful transition setting in place.

Now, he’s home with his family, back in his local school and doing well.

And, there’s Ryan who came to Good Will-Hinckley at the age of 16, where he stayed until he was 21. Ryan’s life before coming to GWH consisted of feeling unwanted and unloved. So he ran away and as he put it, “fate interjected”. He was introduced to GWH. In Ryan’s words, “My life changed dramatically and would never be the same.”

Today, Ryan comes back to campus often to visit his home. His connections since graduating in 1997 have not weakened. If anything they continue to grow stronger. Ryan has so much passion for GWH and feels strongly that more youth, like himself, are in need of a helping hand.

Ryan is a successful man who is also on the GWH Board of Directors and was one of the founders of the Coffee Club.

There are countless success stories like these, resulting from GWH programs, and with funding from initiatives like Coffee Club, we can help even more children, adults and families turn their lives around.