College Step-Up Program

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Opportunities for Education. Opportunities for Life.

The College Step-Up Program at GWH exists to serve youth who need a supportive environment and are driven to realize the tremendous potential that resides in us all.  

Armed with compassion and a fierce sense of commitment, the CSU staff maintain a strategic focus on each student, helping them develop the tools necessary to further their education, improve life skills and create a strong network of significant adults who can give them a sense of relational permanence.  

We pride ourselves on our courageous authenticity and our student-centered, goal-directed and evidence-informed approach.

Our Students

  • Have a strong desire to obtain a post-secondary education.
  • Want to be part of a supportive learning community.
  • Welcome the academic and life skills support offered.
  • Are looking to develop a collaborative network of adults and peers.

Our Staff

The CSU Advisors in our program are caring and committed individuals who have a wide range of expertise and experience in helping youth succeed in academics and life. In order to be successful, our advisors will work with our students to set goals in the three areas of our CSU TRIAD – Education, Life Skills, and Network Development.

The CSU Triad

Our approach to teaching is dynamic, and the CSU triad is at the core of the College Step-Up program. We connect education, life skills and community engagement to help our students succeed. Learn more about each below.


  • Education is the core of our program.
  • Post-secondary education increases earning potential as well as Human Capital.
  • We are committed to helping students plan and follow through with an appropriate course of study.

Life Skills

  • Life skills are another important ingredient in the recipe for success in the CSU Program.
  • Obtaining a post-secondary degree/certificate and living independently takes a strong set of life skills and that is why we made it a part of the CSU TRIAD.

Community Engagement

  • It is a proven fact that people need people.
  • Nobody has realized lasting success in life without relying on others from time to time.
  • In the CSU Program, we help students develop a network of peers and adults that will become lifelong ties for them and support them wherever they land in life.