Glenn Stratton Learning Center

                   at Good Will - Hinckley

Glenn Stratton Learning Center (GSLC)

Located on the Good Will - Hinckley campus, GSLC offers clinical and educational services to students in grades kindergarten through twelve who experience significant social-emotional and behavioral challenges.  In keeping with the mission of Good Will - Hinckley, GSLC focuses on education, discipline, industry and recreation...all components of the Roundel, in our daily work.  At GSLC, we believe that every student wants to be successful in their home, school and community.  In support of this belief, our mission is to work collaboratively, using a positive practical approach in guiding students with diverse needs and backgrounds so they can experience success.

Students who attend GSLC have been referred through their school district's special education process.  The student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Day Treatment Service Plan (DTSP) serve as guiding documents throughout the school year. Students participate in a full academic and recreational day schedule.

Maine State Learning Results serve as the framework for academic standards.  High School students work toward academic credits/standards in conjunction with their home school's requirements.

Contact GSLC
Referral Procedure

38 Page Terrace, PO Box 159

Hinckley, ME 04944

(207) 238-4200 Phone

(207) 238-4207 Fax

Click the link below for the referral procedure and to download the referral packet.

GSLC Offers:

  • Integrated clinical services supported by certified Behavioral Health Professionals.

  • Applied learning daily and individualized classroom instruction to address learning needs provided by special education teachers and educational technicians.

  • Frequent off-campus learning experiences to enhance classroom instruction.

  • Partnering with sending school districts to provide state assessments and curriculum to meet each school's graduation requirements.

  • A licensed mental health facility with participation in Maine Care.

  • Licensed speech and language, occupational therapy and mental health providers.

  • Certified by Maine Department of Education as a Special Purpose Private School.

  • Weekly opportunities through community service learning trips, and on- campus experiences to integrate and practice classroom learning in a real life setting.

  • Mentorship/opportunities through collaboration with the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS).

  • Access to GWH facilities: L.C. Bates Museum, campus trails, and greenhouses.

  • Focus on parent and agency engagement and collaboration.


Tel: 207-238-4000

Fax: 207-238-4007


16 Prescott Drive

PO Box 159

Hinckley, ME 04944

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