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The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS) is a student-centered, staff- guided public charter school designed to inspire and engage students. MeANS attracts a diverse range of students, including those for whom the traditional public school setting may not have been a good fit.  Students at MeANS use a more individualized and hands on approach to learning while studying sustainability, forestry and agriculture.  On-campus living is available to MeANS students.

Our Campus Living Program serves two purposes.  It offers a home to our MeANS students who live too far to commute daily, and it offers a safe environment for students who need an alternative home.  Our cottages provide a peaceful environment so students can focus on their studies during the week while also learning valuable life skills. 

The primary function of L.C. Bates Museum is educating children about natural and cultural history.  The museum’s educators reach more than 10,000 children each year.  The museum has established partnerships with academic programs and nearby colleges, to provide students with a multitude of resources.

The purpose of the College Step Up Program is to provide young adults, who have earned a high school diploma or GED, with an opportunity to obtain a degree or certification at Kennebec Valley Community College or another local post-secondary environment.  Year-round housing is provided to students by Good Will-Hinckley, including support in the areas of academics, life skills, and network development.  

Glenn Stratton Learning Center (GSLC) is a day treatment school offering educational services to students in grades kindergarten through 12 who experience significant social, emotional and behavioral problems.  The GSLC goal is to transition students back into public school.  Students also participate in social skills groups, art, physical activities and hands-on learning projects.

Roundel Residential (RR) is a therapeutic residential treatment program serving youths ages 12-21, on the GWH campus in a community style living and learning environment.  RR successfully engages youths that are experiencing significant social and behavioral problems and are in need of safe and supportive housing with specialized support services.


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