Threshold is an innovative high school diploma program offered by the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences. 

Threshold is for you if:

  • You are motivated to earn your high school diploma.

  • You are motivated and able to work independently on academics three days a week at home.

  • You have life challenges that make it difficult for you to attend school regularly.

  • You may be pregnant and/or a parent;

  • You have physical challenges that make         it difficult to attend; or

  • You have emotional challenges that make it hard to attend.


Everyone who is high school aged is eligible to apply to MeANS and Threshold; we will several positions for students in the Threshold program for the 2019-2020 school year.


  • To graduate you will be expected to complete MeANS’ standards-based curriculum aligned with State requirements and the Common Core.

  • You will work on individualized projects in core subject areas as well as projects related to parenting/child development/health and practical skills. 

  • You will learn about gardening, farming, and growing your own food through greenhouses and gardens on campus.

  • You will develop a plan for what you intend to do after graduating.

Threshold News:

 Threshold Program Graduates Four from the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences. Click here to read more on this inaugural event!

Click here to listen to this nationally broadcast interview with Emanuel about Threshold and social anxiety!

Click here to watch a video about the Threshold Program!


Educational Experience:

  • You will work with a teacher at your home on a weekly basis.

  • You will log in daily to work on current projects through your computer; your teacher will monitor your progress each day.

  • Where applicable, you will participate in classwork at MeANS through a virtual connection.

  • You will attend classes with other Threshold students at MeANS on selected Mondays during the month where you will learn in the greenhouse, woods, museum, and trails. 

  • You will complete a capstone project that will involve researching, creating, and reflecting upon an issue of utmost importance to you.

  • You will have access to courses at KVCC or any Maine Community College through the tuition waver program. 

Threshold Teachers:

  • You will be assigned one primary teacher/advisor who will help you to complete high school.  S/he will be a certified teacher and will work with you at home weekly (whenever possible), through the Internet, daily; and on the MeANS campus when you come in for Threshold Mondays.

Email questions to Lisa Sandy, Admissions Director at