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Students at MeANS are working everyday to build a better future for themselves, their communities and Maine.  

Your donation to the annual fund supports the students and school in every area of learning and academics from classroom supplies to internships to project materials.  

Through your generous gift students at MeANS  will dream bigger, reach farther, and achieve higher than ever. 

 Be part of the adventure by 

MeANS is always working to expand learning opportunities for students in new ways.  You can help through support of specific Wish List of needs for students and learning projects

Graduation Cap and Gown                    $30

Library Books                                           $40

Seeds  for Greenhouse electives               $40

College Course fee at KVCC                    $84

Annual Campus Flower project            $100

Classroom set of calculators                   $120

College textbooks for dual enrollment  $150

Student graphing calculator                 $150

Camera for Photography program      $150

School field trip                                      $250

To donate items or funds for these please contact MeANS office at  238-4100  or email at

 or you can make a donation on line for anything on the wish list by clicking here  

Thanks for your support

Volunteering Opportunities

Right now MeANS is in need of volunteers for classroom aids and help in the greenhouses or gardens.


To learn more about these and other volunteering opportunities at MeANS contact Karla Stratton at 238-4114 or email