Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

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Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS), the first public charter high school in Maine, introduces students to careers in farming, forestry, sustainability, alternative energy and other related fields.  Students gain knowledge and skills through hands-on projects, internships, targeted courses, and real-world experiences such as growing food on campus for the cafeteria and residences.

School Goals

Students will become engaged, self-directed learners.  They will develop habits of heart and mind that lead them to taking responsibility for their own actions, as well as for the welfare of other students, their community and their environment.  They will have a plan for  their next steps as young adults that includes further education, training, adventure, civic engagement and work.

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Boarding Option

On campus housing opportunities are available in cottages that house anywhere from 8-12 students and are staffed by experienced Campus Living Advisors (CLAs).  CLAs supervise students' academic studies and social activities.  Each resident student has responsibilities at his/her cottage: cleaning, cooking, etc.  CLAs provide coaching within a specific curriculum of independent living skills.