Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

                           at Good Will - Hinckley


Students at MeANS:

  • Are interested in and capable of, working in a project-based, hands-on environment.

  • Are in grades 9-12.

  • Have an interest in the themes of agriculture, forestry and sustainability.

  • May not be thriving in their current school.

  • Have supportive parental involvement.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Self-paced

  • Staff guided and student centered

  • Emphasis on building a supportive learning community

  • Meets Common Core/Maine Learning Results

  • Co-enrollment with KVCC

  • Year-round learning

  • Strong connection with parents and families

  • Nutrition and healthy food preparation

  • Year-round greenhouse production

  • Cultivation of vegetables and flowers

  • Maple sugaring

Staff at MeANS:

​MeANS instructors are caring adults who are enthusiastic, energetic, ans skilled in a variety of areas.  Our teachers are able to connect with a wide range of students from many different environments.  they are committed to the students they teach and also to the personal and academic advancement of their students.