Renovation Update

For questions about the renovations please email Rob Moody, Vice President of Operations.

A past to preserve...a future to build.

An Innovative Solution, for and by Maine People

The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS) located on the Good Will-Hinckley campus is unlike any other place. It is the state's first charter high school; located next door to a progressive community college; it boasts one the state's most historic and remarkable campuses; and it offers a truly unique educational experience for those who need it most.  

Transforming student lives, each and every day

MeANS is a non-traditional school for those who are not thriving in a traditional high school and need a hands-on approach to learning a path to a high school diploma and a college education using experiential learning.  The natural science and agricultural based curriculum honors Maine's traditions and economy.  And its farmhouse-style cottages provide a boarding option to students, making MeANS a truly statewide resource.  At this present time we are turning students away who need us because our current school is too small to fit our demand.  

By the Numbers: 130 = The number of students whose lives are not being transformed
                              today because of current classroom constraints.

       $10 million:  The dollars needed to renovate and modernize the
storied Charles E. Moody School into the main classroom building and
provide an endowment for its operation and maintenance.

The Opportunity:  A modernized, expanded Moody School

The $10 million sought for renovation of the historical Moody School will include:

  • Capacity to serve 210 students.
  • A comprehensive energy-efficient design that will save $1.3M in the next 25 years alone, making it 86% more efficient than today.
  • State-of-the-art classrooms, lab space, and facilities that support the science and sustainability themes of a MeANS education.
  • A planned maintenance trust to secure donor investments.

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Questions about the Campaign?
 Please contact Michelle Theriault at 207-238-4280 or by email at
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